we help companies create
 great chatbots
75% of Internet users communicate in messaging apps. We provide chatbot and
conversational AI solutions for your business, personalizing the customer experience.
what is a chatbot?A chatbot is a service that you interact with via a chat interface. It lives in Skype, Facebook Messenger, Slack, Kik or SMS. Bots work according to a set of rules OR learn as they grow based on AI.

AI or artificial intelligence deals with making computers behave like humans. For chatbots it means to react to text queries independent of brand reps.
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why brands use chatbots?
Chatbots offer brands an opportunity to reach out to an audience and engage them in dialogues
that might translate into immediate actions.
Customers are there
No need to download an app for every brand.
Clients would contact the bot via a chat.
Efficient for brands
Fantastic customer acquisition and retention, immediate customer service and automation.
Technology is ready
The technology is mature enough to be able to take over the mass market.
do you need one too?
Bots are considered to be the next big thing in the service industry.
Are they right for your business? Check this simple questionnaire.
Do you have processes to automate?
Do you deal with regular ordering and customer service?
Is your business in the service industry?
Do you already have a community on Facebook, Slack, Telegram and want to grow it?
If you answered Yes to at least two of these questions,
your business will benefit from using bots.
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about us
Vasili and Maxim, having worked in development, founded the company in September 2016. During the last year we have created chatbots for famous YouTube & Instagram bloggers with 730k subscribers, built news chatbot for TUT.BY Media and service chatbot for one of the biggest banks in Europe.

We believe that in 3-5 years messaging apps will be the main distribution channels for businesses, and every company should have a bot to stay connected with their customers.
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what clients say about us
"BotCube team exceed my expectations. Team delivered the end result that was perfectly matched with timeline and budget. I was impressed by their creativity level and engagement."
Gerd Tittel-Feller, Friendo
"I was impressed by BotCube team and their design thinking approach in product development. They were always adhere to the timeline, responsive and flexible, which helped us to launch Virtz on time. I would recommend BotCube to everyone who needs bots development."
Dmitry Kurilo, Virtz
still not convinced about bots?
Business Insider asked 800 decision makers which emerging technologies they are already using and
which they intended to implement — 80% of respondents said they already used or planned to use
chatbots by 2020.
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